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Tadalafil (Cialis) is a medicine used for sexual function issues treatment. With the help of Tadalafil, people are able to cure erectile dysfunction. It improves the blood circulation, which, combined with sexual stimulus, helps a male gain and maintain a strong erection.
One of the other well-known usages of this medicine is treating BPH. Here, it helps alleviate the tension in the muscles in the prostate/bladder.


This medicine was granted FDA’s approval back in November of 2003. Tadalafil became the 3rd drug for ED treatment to burst onto the market. The first two were Levitra and Viagra. It was an uphill battle for Tadalafil, because these two aforementioned drugs have enjoyed a five plus years duopoly (or monopoly, since they’re both produced by Pfizer). Because of its effectiveness, Tadalafil earned the name of “the weekend pill”. In contrast to Viagra and/or Levitra, this drug’s effectiveness lasts up to thirty-six hrs.
Nowadays, Viagra still enjoys better brand recognition, but people who do their own research when it comes to the medicine, always seem to choose this drug over its big-name alternatives. It’s also worth mentioning that the discovery of Tadalafil was somewhat accidental: in 1994, a scientist discovered that a drug (called Sildenafil Citrate originally) prescribed to the heart patients in the research group caused very powerful, blatant erections.

With a fascinating backstory like that, it’s only natural that an accidental discovery like Tadalafil would have so many uses. As mentioned before, it is used to treat inflammation of the prostate gland, acrophobia, cardiovascular issues, PAH, and even PE, along with many others.

How Does Tadalafil Work?

All the aforementioned pills work by inhibiting PDE-5/phosphodiesterase type 5. Once again, you can point out what makes Tadalafil better than the other two: it has a half-life of approximately seventeen hrs. The other two have five/four hours half-life.
When a person experiences sexual stimulus, penile arteries relax, which leads to the production of cyclic guanosine monophosphate in involuntary non-striated muscle cells, which leads to improved circulation and the alleviation of tension.
Once phosphodiesterase type 5 is blocked by an ED medicine, cGMP gets produced and, when combined with sexual stimulation, it leads to an erection.


The main ingredient of the drug is, of course, a selective inhibitor called Tadalafil. This medicine usually is produced containing 2,5, 5, 20 and 40 mg. of Tadalafil in it. Other than that, this drug also has the components listed below:

  1. Sodium laureth sulfate (SLES) – 0,48 mg.
  2. Microcrystalline cellulose (MCC) – 26,24 mg.
  3. Lactose monohydrate – 109,64 mg.
  4. Hydroxypropyl cellulose (HPC) – 1,22 mg.
  5. Magnesium stearate – 0,87 mg.
  6. Croscarmellose sodium – 11,1 mg.

There are four more elements in the coating of the pill, namely iron oxide that makes the drug yellow.


Prior to beginning your treatment, you must have a conversation with your druggist or your MD to find out whether or not you’re at a higher risk of severe allergy-induced reactions. Also, you should talk to them in regards to your PMH/HPI. Here are some conditions that might complicate the Tadalafil treatment: cardiovascular issues, kidney issues, liver issues, hypotension, hypertension, penis issues, sicknesses with high chances of priapism, eye issues, bleeding disorders and gastric ulcers.

This medicine might lead to wooziness, so you shouldn’t operate vehicles, operate heavy equipment or perform any high-risk activity that necessitates you to stay alert. You must definitely curb your liquor intake.

How is the Drug Taken?

You must follow the doctor’s exact orders. Follow all requirements specified on the prescription label. If you require further information, never hesitate to ask your physician or your druggist.

This pill is taken orally. You must never take Tadalafil more than 1 time in the span of 24 hours. The dosage is heavily depended on your overall healthiness and other pills you might be taking, we will elaborate on that further. For the prostate enlargement treatment, this tablet is normally given as a once-a-day tablet. There might be other drugs that you’re currently on (also used for the enlarged prostate treatment), so you definitely must talk this over with your MD.

When it comes to the ED therapy, there exist two possible methods of how you might use this tablet. Your physician will decide which method works better for you. The first one is to take Tadalafil thirty mins. (minimum) before you engage in intercourse, as needed. This drug’s impact on your performance may last up to thirty-six hrs. The second method of treating erectile dysfunction is to take the pill every single day, that way you’re free to try to initiate intercourse at any given time.


You must mention to your physician all products you’re taking, namely all the OTC tablets, prescription pills, and herbs.

As we mentioned before, there are two methods of curing ED with Tadalafil. Here are the main differences:

As needed (2nd method).

  • The dosage that you begin with should be 10 mg., taken at least thirty mins. prior to the scheduled sexual activity.
  • Your dosage might be upped to 20 mg. or lowered to 5 mg. This entirely depends on the results and your overall feelings. Consult with your MD so they have all the required info to alter the dosage.
  • You should also note, that the drug’s impact on your performance may last up to thirty-six hrs. You must definitely consider that.

One pill a day (1st method).

  • Under most circumstances, the beginner dose is 2.5 mg. Using this way of ED therapy, you must pay attention to the timing. Do not take scheduled intimacy into consideration.
  • The daily dose might be upped to 5 mg., based on the results and suitability.
  • Therapy for the enlarged prostate:
  • The suggested dose is 5 mg. a day.

Adverse Effects

People undergoing the Tadalafil therapy can encounter some mild adverse effects. In most cases, these happen after the first time a patient takes the pill. Here are the most prevalent adverse effects:

  • Cephalalgia – 12% cases.
  • Dyspepsia – 8% cases.

Other issues that you might possibly encounter:

  • Flushing;
  • Painful sensations in the back area;
  • Myodynia.

Rare adverse effects:

  • Vertigo;
  • Pain in the eyes;
  • Blepharoedema;
  • Migraine.

Rarest side-effects that happen in <1% cases:

  • Priapism (persistent erection);
  • Blurry vision;
  • Acne;
  • Facial puffiness;
  • Hypertension;
  • Stomachache;
  • Delayed erection.

Of course, that list doesn’t cover all the potential after-effects. You must always refer to the info supplied by your MD and the pill’s manufacturer. By and large, research shows that Tadalafil users are at low risk for any and all harmful effects.


Supposing you suffer a Tadalafil overdose, you must contact the nearest Poison Control Center or just call 911.
The early signs of a Tadalafil overdose: passing out, severe headaches, vomiting, flushing, flashes of red, issues with the eyesight (namely: blurred vision) and trouble breathing.


You must mention to your physician all products you’re taking, namely OTC tablets, prescription pills, and herbs to avoid interaction. Due to its strong potency, Tadalafil and other medicines might have strong interactions. Please familiarize yourself with this list:
Nitrates (non-OTC meds, main use – curing/obstruction of angina).

Alpha-blocking agents, including prazosin (Minipress), silodosin (Rapaflo), or terazosin (Hytrin). These kinds of pills are oftentimes used to cure prostate issues or hypertension. When used in combination with Tadalafil, this could possibly cause your BP to drop which then leads to wooziness and blurry vision.

Hypertension medicines.

Drugs that block CYPA4, namely macrolide antibiotics such as azithromycin; HIV therapy pills such as indinavir, amprenavir, saquinavir, ritonavir, nelfinavir; hepatitis C meds such as telaprevir and boceprevir; anti-fungal drugs like posaconazole, fluconazole, itraconazole, ketoconazole and voriconazole; along with several others.

Drugs that improve the efficiency of the Cytochrome P450 3A4 enzyme, including Carbatrol, Epitol, Equetro, Tegretol, Tegretol XR.
Other tablets that cure erectile dysfunction.

You must never take Adcirca with Cialis. They contain the same active ingredient. Never take Revatio at the same time as Cialis as well.
This list of interaction isn’t 100% comprehensive. In order to get more detailed info, talk to your physician or druggist.

Food Interactions

There’s a possibility of interaction with grapefruits/grapefruit juice. You must talk to your doctor regarding this matter.

Cialis and Alcohol

Many men are worried about this drug’s interaction with alcoholic beverages, because many usually drink before the intercourse to put their mind at ease. Generally, small doses of liquor help a person relax, get in the right mood and even get more sexual gratification out of the act itself. Tadalafil is a very potent drug and drugs don’t always work well with alcohol.

Here’s where the options differ: most patient report no issues when it comes to moderate drinking. Some still say that alcohol makes this pill less effective. The bottom line is: you can mix Tadalafil with small doses of alcohol, but that doesn’t mean you should. The drug’s manufacturer suggests you steer clear of alcohol altogether.

Miscellaneous Information

  • This drug is not suitable for females.
  • You must keep Tadalafil away from kids and animals. Store it at room temperature.
  • Cialis is a trade name of Tadalafil.
  • Many people prefer this drug because it can be taken on a daily basis, removing the need to “schedule” sexual activity well in advance.
    Nothing bad is going to happen if you involuntarily miss a dose of this medicine. Some argue that you should immediately contact your MD and discuss the potential repercussions.
  • You mustn’t split your daily dose into two. This way, the drug loses its effectiveness and might become dangerous for your well-being.
  • Having a healthy diet improves the effectiveness of this drug. The same can be said about a well-fitted fitness regimen.
Bob userpic

Waited ’til tadalafil becomes generic. My ED is not a pressing issue, so I figured I might as well save some cash along the way. Found a generic pill online and bought it. Had some back pain on the first day, but no more side effects. The drug works just as advertised: I’m having some seriously powerful erections. Somehow, the evenings have become my favorite part of the day. Less anxiety, more confidence, you name it. Tadalafil, for all intends and purposes, was life-changing for me.

Mike userpic

I was prescribed 5mg Cialis to cure my erectile disfunction. Long story short – it worked for me. Don’t be dumb like me, folks – do not take this tablet before you go to sleep. I woke up with an unprecedented case of NIGHT WOOD. Anyway, I strongly recommend this drug to everyone who’s willing to pay. Also, there are no real differences between the generic version and the brand-name version, as far as I can tell. This has worked for me, so it might work for you. Worth a shot, all that jazz.

John userpic

Age 78. I have taken this medicine for close to 9 years now. The very first dose (really brings back some fond memories!) was 5mg. Worked better than all your Viagras and Levitras. However, if I take a 10mg dose, I feel like I’m twenty-three again. This feeling in and of itself is worth all the hassle with purchasing, double- and triple-checking whether you’re allergic to some of the components and whatnot. This drug works great for about 36 hours, exactly as advertised. Nitpick time: I have slight backache at times, I do not like it.

Jack userpic

I’m 55 years old. I’m in a fairly good physical shape for my age. So, as luck would have it, I recently got divorced and found myself back on the market. Never had issues with my (now thankfully ex-)wife, but my first “encounter” after the divorce was an unmitigated disaster. I was overly excited, but still couldn’t perform. Talked to my doctor, he suggested Cialis. My next “encounter” was a full-blown tour de force. Somehow, my sexual prowess was even better during the course of the next day.